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How long have you been a volunteer?


I have volunteered for around 5 years now and am pleased to say, financially I have brought in a lot of ££s! . I saw a post on Facebook asking for marketing and communications help which is my expertise - and at the time I was recovering from an illness and not working so I thought I could help out ad hoc in fundraising, communications and bid-writing.


Why did you decide to volunteer at Hopton (HRH)?


I have always enjoyed horses and whilst only a happy hacker these days I met with two of the Trustees/Founders who explained fully what they were trying to achieve and they sold the Charity and cause to me at first meeting! I am so glad that they did!


What benefits are there in volunteering?


Firstly, I have learnt a lot and whilst I give my time to the charity, the Charity refocused my work/lifestyle & has helped me change career from corporate to third sector.


What are the +/- of volunteering at Hopton?


Sometimes there are sad days if a horse is unwell, or a welfare case comes to us - but on the whole every day is a good day because you know that you are helping equines and mostly vulnerable people through difficult times. There are much more happy days than there are sad! I really enjoy my time in a friendly charity!

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