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HRH Brand Guidelines


In any materials which you use to publicise, organise, or hold your event, we respectively request that you adhere to our brand guidelines. This in turn, helps us to become a recognised Charity and assists us in helping horses and ponies for the future.

Our logo is comprised of the following colours.


Pantone (colour) Maroon C:35 M:99 Y:60 K:35 - #7a1439 RGB: 122: 20: 57

Pantone (BW) #ffffff - #000000

You can download the logos below:




The colours in our logo are important to us. We ensure continuity and brand awareness through our logo. It therefore must always be used in the same colours. The only other acceptable colours are in black and white.


In any materials you use, it is important to recognise that we are a registered charity, this will help us to get gift aid donations and facilitates the trust element from donors to your event.

Our details are as follows:

This event is held in aid of Hopton Rehab & Homing Centre, a registered UK Charity, number 1173847, registered in England & Wales

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