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How long have you been a volunteer?


I have volunteered for about 6 years, on and off, updating the HRH website. In a previous role I used to keep the website of the local Pony Club updated, so had a little bit of experience. I had some spare time so agreed to help HRH as it was something I could do from home, and it fitted in with my other volunteering roles.


Why did you decide to volunteer at Hopton (HRH)?


I knew one of the Trustees who set up the charity, having worked with her at Pony Club. I also rehomed one of the HRH horses and then a second one a few years later.


What benefits are there in volunteering?


For me it’s a way of giving something back to horses. They are such amazing creatures who enrich the lives of so many of us. It’s also nice to be part of a group of people who feel and think the same way.


What are the +/- of volunteering at Hopton?


A big plus is the warm, tingly feeling you get when you know you have helped to find a forever home for a deserving horse. That little pat on the back you can give yourself for your own contribution. On the minus side, it can sometimes be hard to find the time you need to do everything you would like. However, it is always possible to find time for what is important.

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