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My name is Cabbage and I’m hoping that you can help me please!


You guessed it – I am a lovable little Shetland pony - and people say I am ‘quite a character’. Currently, I am feeling a bit under the weather and staying at Three Counties Equine hospital.


 I am here because I am having chondroids removed from my guttural pouch. Don't ask me what that means, but I have promised to be a very good boy!


This operation is really going to help me feel better and stop me having a runny nose, (which has been so annoying)! I have been here a lot longer than expected, as I had to have 3 days of surgery to get them out. Believe me, I have been so brave.


Everyone looked quite sad after day two and I was getting anxious but then after day three I got the good news that the chondroids had all been successfully removed – yay!


My throat is very sore still,  so I really don’t feel like eating. When I can manage to nibble on my hay I will be allowed to go back home. Hurrah. It won’t be long now.

Oh, I dream of finding some lovely grass again.


I know that when I get home to HRH I will get lots of cuddles and care but I have to come back over the next 3 months for checks before I am back to my normal self. This will cost more money.


One thing I really miss is having fun playing in the fields with my friends and hopefully I will be able to have my freedom again soon.  I can't wait for that to happen as I really miss my friends.


Whilst I do know that times are really tough financially for most -, if you do feel that you can donate any amount - no matter how small - towards my escalating ongoing care costs I would really appreciate it.


I am so grateful to HRH and to all of you who donate as I could not go on just living alone. I had to stay by myself because of my illness and I was getting very depressed.


Even if you can't donate a share of this post to somebody who might be able to will also help me!


Many thanks to all of you for your kindness.






If you would like to donate to help Cabbage, please use this donate button.
Type 'Cabbage' in the 'Leave a message' box. Thank you so much.


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