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April Fool or Genius?

Try our fun quiz to see if you can win the choice of either an EqWax All Natural Rider Skincare Gift Set or an EqWax All Natural Equine Summer Gift Set kindly donated by Artemis Equestrian.
Check out the Artemis Equestrian website here: 

Entries must be received by 10am Monday 3rd April 2023. 
The winner will be notified by email on or before Saturday 8th April 2023.
All correct entries will be subject to a tie breaker to decide the overall winner.
Please read our 

Here goes, good luck!
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1. A horse with a body colour of white with black patches is called a piebald.
2. Lester Piggott was British Champion Jockey of flat racing five times, his first being in 1972 and his last in 1983.
3. Alexander the Great had a favourite horse called Bucephalus.
4. Judy Garland played the character Velvet Brown who rode a horse called The Pie in the Grand National.
5. The fences at the Grand National are made of spruce.
6. A typical adult male horse has 50 permanent teeth.
7. Michael Morpurgo is best known for his 1982 children's novel War Horse.
8. The Duke of Wellington's favourite horse during Napoleonic wars was called Stockholm.
9. Your Horse is the oldest equestrian magazine in the UK, being first published in 1884.
10. Show jumper John Whitaker became Britain's second-oldest Olympic gold medallist by winning a gold medal in Rio 2016.
11. 'Hands high' is the term used for the height measurement of a horse – there are 4 inches in one hand.
12. A numnah is used to scoop droppings out of the stable.

Thanks for submitting! We'll let you know if you win.

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